Relay A GREAT AMOUNT OF information INSTANTLY across an infinite distance in the universe, ANYWHERE.

We've discovered that this concept is impossible

Particles, when entangled, exist in what's called a quantum superposition. This means the particles can exist in more than one state simultaneously. When the entangled particle is observed to check for changes, the particle is no longer in a quantum superposition, and the entanglement is broken, therefore making this Qbit concept impossible. Additionally, when you check an entangled particle for changes, and the entanglement is broken, you don't know whether you or the other party broke the entanglement. This further shrinks the possibility of the Qbit concept ever becoming a reality. We are drafting a similar concept, one that is actually possible, and we believe it would be much more feasible than the current Qbit Concept (if it were possible), but would be more limited. More info coming soon.

Zero Delays, relayed instantly.

By utilizing quantum entanglement (entangling two particles), we can transmit information via a morse-code-like system instantly, regardless of the distance.

Qbit includes data privacy

There's no need to worry about someone intercepting the data transmission, because it is never transmitted. Learn more by reading the Qbit PDF file.

Qbit Concept (PDF)

Download the Qbit concept document (PDF file) to learn how the concept works, and why it's useful.

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