To the stars through difficulties

Space is the only way the human race can survive. Earth will not last indefinitely, but space will. We need to colonize the universe as fast as physically and humanly possible. The universe is infinite - overpopulation is not possible, and humanity would have no single point of failure. If you don't believe in space, you don't believe in humanity.

We have a mission. One that matters.

Our long-term mission is to ensure that humanity ventures out into the stars and leaves the small rock which it's currently confined to. By doing so, humanity can prosper, get clues to the origins of the universe, discover intelligent alien life, and much more. 

we want you to help humanity

We want you to help humanity, by getting involved in anything STEM, because that's the future. Right now humanity is messing around. We operate very inefficiently and waste lots of time doing things that don't really matter. STEM is the future of humanity.

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